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Surrounded by Energy: An Earth Blog

You might remember learning the definition of "environment" in science class as a kid. Put simply, the environment is everything that surrounds you. It is the plants, animals, soil, water, and sky that make up this vast planet. One way that humans utilize the environment is to harness some of its resources to generate energy. In using this coal, water, or wind from the environment, they are able to generate electricity to power lights, heaters, and even microwaves. Learn more about how humans use the earth to generate power on this website. We've compiled these articles after a lot of research, and we think you'll find them helpful.


Surrounded by Energy: An Earth Blog

  • Rent A Dumpster After Buying A Foreclosed Home And Getting The Keys

    9 January 2020

    Buying a single-family home is not a simple process because you need to decide what kind of home to buy such as a fixer-upper, foreclosure, or turnkey property. In your case, you may not have been able to pass up a foreclosed home knowing that you can work on it extensively. If you just got the keys and know that you have a lot of work to do, you should rent a dumpster and have it dropped off at your new home so that you can start working on the property.